Accidental P.I.

hardcoverA real-life private investigator’s story: His journey, his cases and his perspective on the legal system.

Spending his early years in law enforcement, David Watts then moved on into the fascinating world of private investigations.  Avoiding matrimonial cases, he stuck to conducting investigations for law firms, insurance companies and the many of the so-called Fortune 500. 

David takes on the hypocrisy often evident in the civil system by citing examples and without apology.

He and his wife of 55 years, Linda, carved their niche in the private sector by throwing themselves into their work and never taking no for an answer. They persevered and their personal story is an example of overcoming obstacles and setting the standard for others in the field. Humor, a serious avenue for them, comes through in the telling, as well.

With decades of all kinds of cases in his files, Watts provides vivid descriptions of what private investigation work entails. Murder, fraud, sex , corruption and even a race riot from his early law enforcement days, are all on menu here.

Far from a dry narrative, Accidental P.I. is a thrilling ride that puts you up right up front and  in the action.

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Both “Accidental P.I.,” Dave’s memoir, and “Loose Ends,” Dave’s first novel will be available at the following events: 


“November 25, 2017, Saturday, The Book Garden, Frenchtown, NJ, Book signing 2-4 p.m.”

“November 11, 2017, Sunday, Califon Book Store, Book signing, 1-3 p.m.”

“November 5, 2017, Sunday, “By the Book” Author’s conference at Beaver Brook Country Club, Annandale, NJ 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. – Open to the public.”

“October 24, 2017, Tuesday, Identity Theft Program and book sale at Ono Rosa Restaurant, Rte. 513, Bunnvale, NJ, Free buffet to first 50 registered.”

“October 14, 2017, Saturday, Lebanon Twp. Memorial Park Fall Festival – vendor booth selling both books.”

“October 12, 2017, Thursday, Identity Theft Program – Shanahan & Voigt Law Firm at Beaver Brook Country Club – Closed Event.”

“October 8, 2017, Sunday morning, Califon Street Fare – selling books on Rambo’s porch, 68 Main Street, Califon, NJ”

“September 23, 2017, Saturday morning, Califon Tag Sale – selling books on Rambo’s porch.”