About the Author

David B. Watts, a licensed private investigator for the past four decades, specializes in fraud and business investigations.  He and Linda, his wife of 55 years, worked for major law firms, insurance companies and the Fortune 500 in the busy New York to Philadelphia corridor on cases ranging from kickbacks to special security issues. Dave has also worked several murder cases and innumerable insurance fraud matters.

His investigation career began in his twenties as a Plainfield, New Jersey patrolman. He was promoted to  detective, then joined the Union County Prosecutor’s Office as a County Investigator. These early experiences eventually launched him into a lifetime of investigation work in the private sector.  His pursuit of the  facts brought him into state and federal courts as well as the board rooms of major corporations.  He is respected among his peers and continues to take on special investigations, now in his seventies. Dave also offers free power point  presentations to civic groups, libraries and businesses on the topic of identity theft.

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